Sunday, June 14, 2015

thirty seven banana peels #16: Ilaiyaraja

Many times in this space, I’ve tried explaining the impact he has had on my life. One more attempt.

In “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” there is once scene in the climax. When Harry is surrounded by the Inferi and his death seems imminent, Dumbledore summons his last ounces of strength and conjures up a powerful fire which force the Inferi to retreat.

His music is the fire that keeps me falling into depravity and hell. And for a decade and a half now, he has still been holding up this fire for me. There is no way to repay this with gratitude or other means. Once, in 2006, I got into a very big fight with him. I decided I would no longer be in talking terms with him. But I still ended up going back like a puppy that goes that back to its mother. I don’t have any other choice.

There was a question that was asked of Osho. They asked him to pick the top ten people who were instrumental in the transformation of human consciousness in the planet. He picks ten people which included those like Buddha, Mahavira, Patanjali and so on. The questioner then asks to pick nine, eight, and so on. At every step, Osho would cut down one person and tell the questioner exactly why he cut them down. Finally the exercise stops at four. Osho picks Buddha, Patanjali, Gorakhnath and Krishna. He says he cannot cut down further. That would be violence.

Similarly in my life, if I pick people based on their impact on me and do the cutting down exercise, it would finally end with three limbs. Ilaiyaraja, Osho and Him.

Once you taste the exalted subtlety of emotions arising from his music, it is very difficult to turn to perversion. Even if they raise their head, they retreat back. It is like an invisible net protecting the empty spaces inside below which you cannot fall.

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