Tuesday, March 13, 2018

thirty seven banana peels: provisional epilogue

The epilogue in the title is because the commitment of #37 is over. The provisional is because three more have been added to the list. What I will do is fill in the three more over the next few months. Thereafter it will be one per year. The #37 has a mysterious ring to it. So the forty second banana peel (if I am alive and around for that) will still be prefixed with thirty seven banana peels.

This has been a very interesting project. Its origin lies in a post an acquaintance shared. It had 50 random incidents from her life. The 50 incidents formed the entire post. I thought, why note make 37 banana peels like this from my life. Only, each one would be a post by itself. So that was that. At a macro level, I've said almost everything about my life here.

Now, I am contemplating making this into a book. I will review the peels, spruce things up, edit them, make some structural changes and will make an ebook. No particular reason to make it a book other than to tick off a bucket list item. I wrote a book! In terms of effort, the time has gone into it though I am no writer. Really, I am like a monkey wielding a keyboard aided by technology today. The one possible area where I can get some kamarkat* points is sticking with the task for three long years now.

So long then - adios. It was fun doing this. I will see you periodically with a peel. The regular junk posts will continue as time permits.

* - kamarkat is brown as well. Its better than "brownie"

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