Sunday, January 07, 2018

thirty seven banana peels #32 - swimming

Swimming had always been a jinxed skill for me. Kind of embarrassing and amusing. This is a fundamental survival skill that also has an extremely high enjoyment quotient.

For the first phase of my life, 1-12 years, I kind of blame my parents. They probably should have put some thought into training us. At age 13, they did train us. But both me and my brother fell sick very badly half way through. Since we both got the same sickness with the same intensity, I am pretty sure it was the water.

Thereafter, it never happened. Perhaps after this, I should take the blame. I never persisted. There are several instances where we were around either swimming pools or very alluring water bodies and I had to stand away at look at it with longing.

So FINALLY, a few months back, I gave one final push. I am happy to report that I can now do the breast stroke successfully. I recently did about 4-5 laps in an Olympic size pool so I can say that I can swim. I am yet to actually try this in a pool or water body where there is a real possibility to DROWN.

Now to get trained in a few more strokes. I am looking at freestyle and backstrokes next. At this point, I do not know if what I know can be applied to strong currents.

But a long long standing checkbox finally checked off!

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