Wednesday, December 20, 2017

thirty seven banana peels #30 - driving

How many kilometers would I have clocked so far? Safe guess is 100,000. In general, you can say that I love driving. Especially a four wheeler. In front of the steering wheel with music thrown into the mix, I am set. I can watch the asphalt and the scenery pass by for long.

The why or how is not clear. Perhaps driving is a symbolism for life. Everything passes by eventually. Driving is physicality in motion. Life is time in motion.

My wife tells me I become a bully when I drive. It is true. I tend to want to be in control of all aspects when I am driving. The AC temperature, the volume of the music, when and where to stop. I don't know why. With some serious effort, I've learned to accommodate her preferences when we drive.

Because of my love for driving and for the fact that the vehicles I own make them possible, I am filled with a lot of gratitude for them. Recently I named them and I wonder why I did not think of this this long.

My previous car was Garuda. The current one is Chetak. My bike is Charokee. 

For driving and for the vehicles that make it possible, thank you for being an important part of my life!

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