Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wireless charging

The Samsung Note 5 and later models featured "wireless charging". When I first heard that in the ads, I was amused. I later saw this in action and it was amazing use of a scientific phenomenon. But it sets your pocket lighter by 3k. I can live with the traditional hooked by wire charging thanks.

But why this in a Renewal post? The spiritual metaphor is more interesting. When the phone gets into the magnetic field of the base, it starts "charging". The yoga center is 100% similar but if you haven't experienced it first hand, I won't blame you for calling all this balderdash.

I tend to experience the starkness of contrast when I am away from the place for a long period. Recently it was after an overseas trip that lasted 40+ days. While the trip was enjoyable because of the "cultural experience", I hadn't realized how much the trip depleted me energy wise. The moment I stepped foot (and I use 'the moment' literally), I could feel the charging. I might as well have had an LED display that displayed "charging". This charging continued for about 12 days and I could feel "charging complete". Thereafter, another few days, I forgot all about it and this becomes the new baseline energy to work with. I don't usually notice this difference when I visit places like Chennai for a week or so.

But this time was different. I stepped foot into the Yoga Center after ~70 days. The charging lightbulb wasn't that strong. But it was something else. Sitting in the dining hall, I remember how aware I had become without even trying. I had gotten used to gorging, eating out, sampling exotic dishes in this 70 day period. A subconscious habit of eating more than required had stepped in. But sitting in the dining hall of the yoga center, I could clearly see myself making a very considered response on the intake of the quantity effortlessly. [Ironically, I got rewarded with parotta and kurma at the yoga center that night, no kidding]. Another stark contrast was the nilavembu kashayam which I used to gulp effortlessly earlier. The first sip I took, I thought: was it always this bitter?

So the place is not just an energy incubator. It is a shaping tool for awareness and consciousness without effort on your part. Well there is effort in that you have to subject yourself willingly to the lifestyle. But I don't expect you to understand or agree with me. But hey you're in my blog - deal with it!

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