Monday, November 28, 2016

The power of the void

I am currently reading recently finished reading Airframe by Michael Crichton.

I am about 40% through. It is fascinating so far. One aspect that stood out for me was a conversation between characters where one describes to the other how airplanes fly. That is, what makes them lift off the ground. I obviously read the physics of this through school and college. But it all went through my head into the exam paper and finally into my degree certificate. That was that.

What happens is that the curvature of the wing creates a suction at the tip. Not just the curvature, but the speed at which the aircraft is traveling and the shape of the wing as well. So air rushes in to fill the suction and lifts the wing up. The wing is strong enough to support the fuselage and thus lifts the entire aircraft up.

I am reminded of what Osho said about this. He said existence never likes vacuum. So the moment it sees a suction spot air rushes to fill it in. It is inevitable and there is no choice involved. *Scientists create vacuum states consciously with elaborate setups which is a different matter.

Incidentally He has spoken about this as well. There is such a thing as a Spiritual vacuum. If you manage to create one, Divinity has no choice and has to rush in. The Guru Pooja is a way of doing that. In a different context, He says there are only two ways to meet Shiva. Either you meet Him on His terms or you make yourself a zero.

Meeting Him on His terms means phenomenal competence, tenacity, endurance and strength. I am not sure how many people can fathom what this is, let alone possess the faculties to undertake and complete the journey. Making yourself a zero is creating a Spiritual vacuum within yourself. The path of devotion.

Aircraft takeoff to devotion. Spirituality is indeed science!

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