Monday, July 04, 2016

thirty seven banana peels #25 - Dhyanalinga

The recently passed 24-Jun was Dhyanalinga’s 17th consecration anniversary. Much like how it was designed, He works like a towering presence in the background not taking any credit for anything but remains responsible for everything. Sadhguru is in the limelight because of his activity. Devi takes most of the fanfare. Dhyanalinga is the energy towerhouse in the background which is the basis on which everything is setup.

I did my first program in 2003. Visiting Dhyanalinga didn’t happen until 2006. And the house ceiling didn’t come crashing down after the visit. The 13 day program was responsible for some receptivity when I entered the temple. Otherwise, the only thing that did not keep the memory from fading was how I held him in my mind. Thereafter, after the advanced programs, Pancha Bhuta Aradhana and many other instances, I came to glimpse the unfathomable potential of this space.

There are two instances which clearly remind me about this. One evening, I was depleted energy wise. I could have gone on with my work and all. Nothing outward. The situation was more like a battery that has almost gone out and the music now is intermixed with crackle and static. I decided to go to Dhyanalinga. Thirty minutes later I was crackling with vigor again.

Another instance I was emotionally down. At work, I asked to be relieved for the day so I could go and sleep. They instead suggested I visit Dhyanalinga. I really wasn’t upto it but I couldn’t say no. So I visited the temple anyway. Again, thirty minutes later, the canvas was all erased and I was a fresh slate again.

These two instances were where there was a certain polarity setup so I could see the difference clearly. There have been instances, and these are the majority, where I am fine by myself. But visiting Dhyanalinga takes me to a higher peak. Crossing the Patanjali statue is a humdinger in itself. Then the prostrating Yogi. And finally Him. He is the same towering peak at all times. It is just that your receptivity may not be attuned to Him. Sadhguru says the true potential of Dhyanalinga will take two or three generations to manifest. I can infer what he means. If every person who spends fifteen minutes here becomes a seeker, well because he or she has no choice otherwise, what will happen to the society in two or three generations?
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