Monday, December 28, 2015

thirty seven banana peels #24: Paramahansa Yogananda

Many pivotal moments in my life. The really transforming ones were - Meeting Osho, The first tear drops from Ilaiyaraja’s song, meeting my Guru. Then “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

When I read that book, I had already met my Guru. But there is one chapter which is my experience-sake. Paramahansa Yogananda tries to run away from his Guru. In the process he meets the sleepless saint who makes him realize the stature of Sri Yukteswar, His Guru.

I didn’t really run away from my Guru. Not even remotely. But I sort of got settled to his presence. I began taking him for granted. Like how the motor noise in the background becomes inaudible after some time. I needed a fierce kick in the butt. The kind of kick that jolts you awake and keeps the pain on for a while.

This book gave me all that and more. Mainly, it introduced me to another towering presence. You would be fooled into thinking he was just a humble devotee who did by his Guru’s biding going by the book. He was a peak of consciousness who trod the planet during one of its most difficult times.

I can’t and won’t say thank you to these people. I keep them in my heart. There is no gratitude sufficient enough to repay them.
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