Saturday, August 08, 2015

thirty seven banana peels #18: all in a moment's notice

A moment is when all things change. Situations go upside down and the dynamics of a person within change with it as well. I had this experience a few months back.

Some masonry work was going on and I had to move the Yantra to a side. She was residing in a spot where some work was happening. She was resting on a 6 inch raised pedestal and she is all of 160 kilo grams. A heavyweight all right! When moving, I was foolhardy enough to try and move her alone. To my defense it was 11pm and I had to leave early next day. My heart didn’t want to leave her transport to unknown people.

Thats when it happened. She came off the pedestal and landed on my middle and ring fingers. The moment of scene change! Instinctively I did what any sane person would do. I pulled my hand off before some conscious decision making usually happens. The body is wise that way.

I saw peeled off skin, and two bloody fingers. The middle finger was pressed in like it had been compressed. Both fingers had blackened at the nails. It was the most unnerving sight especially because it was unexpected. I looked at Devi and said ‘sorry ma!’. Then the pain started sinking in.

My first thought was to call the emergency number at the clinic. But I didn’t have the number. It was 11:20pm at this time. So I called my friend to get the number. Luckily he picked up. Then I called the emergency number. The doctor picked up as well. It turned out I could hear him but he couldn’t. He cut the call! I called him again, he cut the call without picking up! OMG! I looked at my fingers. They were clotting now but the pain was stinging. The peeled skin was truly unnerving still. I didn’t know if the bones were ok though. I called him a third time asking him to pickup with grinding teeth. He picked up.

I explained the predicament. He asked me to go to the clinic. Fifteen minutes later I was in the clinic and a nurse came there. Her reaction on looking at the fingers was interesting but she confirmed there was no fracture. She asked me to remove the peeled off skin myself. Like I would do that! But she said it would be better if I did it myself. My fingers were involuntarily shaking now. I asked her why. She said it was a reflex from the accident.

Together we removed the skin. She then applied tincture on the open skin! I swear… The funny thing was as she applied it, a piercing pain shot through my fingers and I started laughing. No idea why. She looked at me and asked “Is it paining?”. Through the laughter I said yes.

She then bandaged me up. Gave me a painkiller injection. Also gave me some pain killer tablets and asked me to come the next day. I was relieved about two things from the event:

* She fell on my fingers instead of the ground
* I got an extra day holiday because of this!

Eventually I found out that both fingers had contracted multiple micro fractures. The bones “burst” was what the doctor at Coimbatore said. The fingers healed for well over two months and are still not 100% normal. All in a moment indeed!

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