Wednesday, December 24, 2014

thirty seven banana peels #5 - electricity

I read this phrase - “Electricity once saved is twice generated” during a car trip.

I asked my dad what it meant. He said - “If you don’t use it, some one else can use it. If you use it, for that other person’s requirement, they have to produce the same amount.”

From that point, saving electricity became an obsession to the point of annoyance (for my dad. I am sure he rued the explanation he gave). I developed a separate eye for redundantly operating electrical equipments - mainly lights and fans. I would go and painstakingly switch off lights and fans, even if someone stepped out for a moment. I extended this to dripping faucets later.

I once got quite an earful from my dad for this. It was on the lines of “know where to draw a line”.

Now, its very tempered, but that training serves me well!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

thirty seven banana peels #4 - it goes off when the phone rings

We used to get the Reader’s Digest. I only realized later, how much I loved that book. It was a great mix of different topics in one compilation. Despite the bulky size of the book, it never resorted to sleaziness, movie masala or gossip.

Once I remember reading a joke in the book. It was a real incident the mother in a family had shared with the magazine. They as a family, with two pre-teen kids, were watching a movie. As an intimate scene flashed by, the father hurries for the remote to fast forward. The boy casually remarks, “Papa, the scene goes away when the phone rings”!

Me and my brother were alone in the house once. I figure I was about 8-9 that time. There was this unwatched tape. We decided to watch the movie. We were breaking a house rule and it was its own thrill. As coincidence would have it, this movie also had an intimate scene flashing by. I glanced towards my brother and with unspoken agreement we watched the scene and the rest of the movie as well.

Later, that scene from the joke repeated itself. As my mother rushed for the remote, I said the scene will go away in about 30 seconds. My dad laughed loudly and narrated an incident from his friend’s family where this exact thing had happened. And then, to my relief, he added: “You speak as if you’ve watched this movie already”. I shared a nervous secret look with my brother.

Apparently, this situation happens all too often everywhere!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

thirty seven banana peels #3 - accident magnet

I used to be an accident magnet as a child. Some of the things my parents say happened to me, I don’t even recall.

I jumped from the second floor to the first floor once. I don’t recall the jump, but I remember when the doctor was tying the bandage. No broken bones, just ligament tear.

It appears that I slipped my hand into a motor wheel when it was running. The top layer of the skin got cut but before anything worse happened, the fuse blew. My dad told me I was very lucky.

I drank kerosene once. The kerosene was in my stomach. A doctor warned over phone not to make me throw up until we got to the hospital. There it was all siphoned off. I wonder what my stomach thought in the mean time. “Well that’s new!”

The others below, I remember:

I jumped from the first floor to the ground floor. Again, no fracture.

Ran in front of a motor cycle. This was when I was about five. I remember vividly! Leg fracture and head injury. Luckily, a doctor nearby was a family friend. I remember the world spinning, the crowd with concerned faces near the OT and a pleasantly floating feeling when the injection was being administered.

Neighbors Alsatian bit me. Surface wound and blood loss. Had a tetanus injection and all was well.

Too many more to count. Few electric shocks, two sporting incidents involving stitches, a few dog bites which I never told my parents about…

Saturday, December 13, 2014

thirty seven banana peels - pranksters

During our pre-teen years, both me and my brothers were real pranksters. I would assume one of us would have been worth two handfuls. I don’t doubt my mother had a tough time. I remember sufficient instances of flared and frayed tempers dealing with us.

Of the two of us, my brother was worse! One instance, one of our relatives visited our house. Later, when she left, she ushered an auto to leave. At the point of disembarkation, she used her purse to take out money. Instead she got like a hundred millipede! At some point during her visit, my brother had taken out her purse, filled the purse with millipedes and quietly put the purse back. How he managed the entire feat with stealth is beyond me even now. And how he got a hundred of them is another mystery.

I can remember and recount a fifteen incidents like this off the top of my head. But strangely, my brother doesn’t remember anything now. If I speak about something like this when I meet him, all I get is “Is it so?”. Strange!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

thirty seven banana peels - about me

Drug addict, alcoholic and single.

Ok, only the first one is true. (Caffeine).
I recall Sheldon telling Penny - “I promised my mother I wouldn’t do drugs once I went to California”.

More about it later.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

thirty seven banana peels - prelude

I wanted to name this thirty seven signals initially. But it might look like a shameless ripoff of the corporation’s name, so banana peels. No more dissection of the name - you have to make do with the title.

The idea for the post itself is copied from another post done by someone, who will remain anonymous because that was shared with a closed group of people. This post contains thirty seven reflections from my life - that were either interesting, inspiring or had an impact in my life.

Whenever I write posts like these, I tend to add disclaimers worth ten articles. I will resist that temptation. I will just say the posts won’t be politically correct.
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