Thursday, May 08, 2014

The sky opens up here at the foothills...

இது தேவதையின் பரிசு, யாரும் திருப்பிக்கொள்ள வேண்டாம்... ஒரு கருப்பு கொடி காட்டி யாரும் குடைபிடிக்க வேண்டாம். நீ கண்கள் மூடி கரையும் போது மண்ணில் சொர்க்கம் எய்துவாய்... அந்த வானம் சுரந்த பாலில் ஏன் நனைய மறுக்கிறாய்? நீ வாழ வந்த வாழ்வில் ஒரு பகுதி இழக்கிறாய்..
This is the rain fairy's gift - don't turn away. Don't show a black flag and open up your umbrella. You reach heaven on earth when you close your eyes and melt away. The milk that oozes out of the clouds - why do you refuse to indulge. A part of this life you came for, you are losing out...

I typed these words out from memory. These beautiful lines from a movie song written by Vairamuthu. They just burned themselves into my memory though I heard them many years ago. The picturization was also beautiful - the guy fully drenched and singing happily in the rain and walking. (The beautiful Isha Gopikar also getting drenched and following our hero is a bonus!)

Somewhere in the past, very long ago, I made a deal with the rain fairy. That I would not turn her away no matter what the circumstances and however intense her manifestation at that point was. It was probably my subconscious protest to the "Rain rain go away..." nursery rhyme I was forced to mindlessly repeat as a kindergarten child. I have consciously tried to keep this promise up. I broke this just once and I got my ass busted*.

In India, we have created a double-edged dilemma. We struggle without rains. We struggle with rains. This is us reaping our reward with water-population-town planning. Triple whammy! Rains aren't utilitarian. Whether a drizzle or a torrent, they bring poetry along with them. Its so obvious the whole planet is celebrating. Its the sky paying a visit to the earth. We would also be celebrating, if we did not mix up the utility and logistics with the poetry.

Here, at the foot hills, the last three days have been a downpour. Just before the rains started, we were feeling the intense summer heat and now this! My mobile phone also took a liking and tried getting drenched - but now he's acting up. I hope he gets ok!

Dear fairy, I will keep up my end of the deal - don't stop!

* A few years back, I used to walk to a sandwich shop during lunch. It was a 20 minute walk one-way. At that place and that time, vegetarian options were limited. Subway was the only resort! I carry that gratitude with Subway to date. Radha used to get miffed about my love with Subway all the time, even though I specifically cannot point out what it is. Well, this is it. I had already made my deal with the fairy at this time. One day, when it was particularly overcast, after my lunch, I looked up and noticed that it might just rain anytime. I just made a polite request - asking if she could wait for 20 minutes. She did not like it at all! I got my ass-busted so badly, that it was impossible to go to work right away. I looked like a new-agey freak, dripping head to toe, the kind people there love to hate.

** Also, what is with rains and bajji/tea? One of my colleagues-then, when it started to rain, said "Wouldn't it be nice if we had chilli-bajji and tea now?". I was able to intuitively relate to it, though I did not know why.

*** Credit for this beautiful photo - dailylifeofmojo - - used in accordance with cc
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