Monday, October 29, 2012

i mellow down when...

- i see earthworms, snails and millepedes
- i just look back and see what i feel about the blue planet
- i look at my VDi

I thought about why these were making me mellow. And I realized that gratitude makes you mellow. Which means you can be with this feeling all times.

Earthworms, snails and millepedes are very humble creatures. So gentle that you can remind yourself that you can be like that as well.

The blue planet - do you even need to talk about her? Grace even when she is getting ripped apart. We are going to pay, but not because of her revenge, but because of natural repercussions of what we are perpetrating. She will only smile and say - "Oh dear, I tried to tell you in so many ways...". Hasn't it already started happening?

VDi - well, she bore the brunt of so many things including apathy because of being forsaken for long. But our adventures and experiences wouldn't have been possible without her. Recently I was able to borrow another car for a 350 km round trip and it scorched the NH46 highway. And to my utter disbelief I found that my average speed was 77 kmph. And this accounting for the utterly bad lane discipline and recurring toll plazas (who really need to do something about the lane discipline. The roads are really good though!). Looking at this car in a relaxed moment brought about this mellow feeling.

Be mellow!
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