Monday, June 18, 2012

the moon at dawn...

During the earlier years, when I was 16-17, this was the time I was getting introduced to Raja - in the proper, involved way.

 I started realizing the depth of both the creativity and the technological finesse. Just the first two or three songs after the realization sunk in, I told myself "Hmm, he was scored about 4000-5000 songs approx. It is not possible to have sustained this for every song". My theory was that any creative person goes through a "flash" or "burst" - the new age word is "being in the zone". I couldn't conceive someone going there at will and generating creation on demand. Seemed too outlandish to be possible.

Then one morning on TV appeared a song from a movie called "Urudhimozhi". This song, I had never heard before and it was magical. I was again thinking, "Is this for real? The depth and involvement has been sustained for that long?". Can someone really manage such a feat? Over the years, one song after another, one creative outburst after another - if anything, my awe for this passion is only deepening. It has been an inspiration for how I do my work so many times.

 I remember after one song became a big hit, one reporter asked him, "It appears you worked on this song with involvement" and the interviewer was just blasted! I don't know if the interviewer understood why, but I can totally relate to the exasperation!

 Kahlil Gibran would be in tears of joy!

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