Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When your stars align...

A volley ball tournament was happening here recently and the finals concluded a few days back.

The match itself was mostly one-sided and the team I supported lost (sad face). That night, I had planned to hit the bed early since there was an early wake up next morning and this match got over by about 9:30 PM. But since it had gotten over in a one-sided fashion, they decided to announce a demonstration match for the crowd. I was in a fix because that would mean longer time on the ground and late bed time :)

But there was one person in the crowd I really liked and loved. I told myself if this person stayed I will stay and watch the match otherwise I will leave. The match started, but after a few points this person left. I started to leave as well, but then I realized something. If I decided to leave it was fine. If I decided to stay it was fine. But this kind of conditional involvement was what was killing life. Little little things like these, which happen almost unconsciously drain vital energy. This is why life feels like a drag so many times. This is also why there is so much emphasis on "Indiscriminate involvmement with life". So I stayed on and watched the match to its completion.

After the match, prize distribution et al, I realized the time was 10PM only - my planned bed time. When your involvment is total, the whole universe conspires in your favor to make it happen for you.

Yeah right! In my state of commitment and involvment, this is trash talk. I will just call it a sweet coincidence. I like that word :)


Anupama Srinivasan said...

Yep, I had to leave early that day, but good you stayed on!

Deepak said...


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