Sunday, July 31, 2011

food rules

Some of these are contradictory, I know. What to do? Life is like that.

1) Never take just one sweet
2) Never take just one scoop of ice cream
3) Never skip dessert - life is too short for that
4) If possible, serve food to others before eating yourself
5) The planet, and a hundred hands went through a lot of pain to put this food on your plate. Do not waste it!
6) A million people are hungry while you get to eat your food. Do not waste it!
7) Whether you're eating something from plants or animals, realise that something else is giving its life up to sustain you. Do not let it go waste on you.
8) Say a prayer before food - but not as a habit.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

planet earth

She is overwhelming. Don't ask why all this now - it is a separate story.

I am in tears - not because of all the mindless stuff happening to her, let them go on separately.

The other day at breakfast, a lady was eating soaked groundnuts (just groundnuts soaked overnight in water). Her eyes were closed and tears were flowing down her eyes. The person serving the food was baffled for a moment before she quietly moved on. What can you do when you see something like that - use it as a reminder!

It is a privilege to be here (planet earth). There is a reason we call her "mother".
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