Sunday, March 29, 2009

Closed eyes

As I close my eyes, I lose the capacity to see!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pit of Joy

A young man prayed for joy daily. That night in a sweet dream, an old man appeared in his vision and asked to see him in a precise location. Skeptical and excited at the same, the young man went to see the old man.

"So you are looking for joy?"

The factual question dispelled the young man's doubts.

"Yes sir. Can you help me?"

The old man gave him a mantra. "Recite this once after your morning bath" and sent him away before he could ask another question.

That morning's bath was exciting for the young man for he knew not what awaited him. As he chanted the mantra, a large pit formed in front of him out of the earth. Not knowing how, he gasped. Appearing dark and bottomless, the pit was an invitation. The man knew he had to jump, but as he had never seen before, fear gripped him. Torn between two forces, he suffered more. The pit vanished moments after it had come. Desperately, he repeated his chants, but the pit remained hidden.

To his relief, the pit appeared the next day as he chanted, but so did his fear. He consoled himself that he could evoke the pit as he wished. As days passed, his suffering grew manifold as he had the keys to a door he wasn't willing to open. He reached out to the old man again the next day.

The old man knew it all without a word being spoken. He chanted the mantra, invoked the pit and pushed the young man into the pit before he realized it all. A string of moments that counted to seconds, minutes and several hours vanished but there was no sign of the young man. The old man reached out into the pit and pulled the young man out.

He was in tears from his joy. His eyes spoke of gratification and gratitude.

"Oh sir, to think I was hesitating all these days..."

The old man said plainly - "The mantra will not work any more."

Horrified, the young man begged to let him have access to the chant.

"It's work is done. It was created to give you a taste of what you should reach out for. You should walk the path from here. With all my blessing, go and live your live like you did inside that pit. And take my word for it, you can live that way every moment that passes before your eye."

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ram dropped his cap in the barber shop. Unfortunately, hair from the floor stuck to the cap and took a lot of effort to clean up.
"Unwanted stuff comes very easily and takes a lot of effort to clean up", thought Ram.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

Somewhere when I was driving in Chennai, I saw this quote on a hoarding
(an ad for a wine / beer company - another matter!).

One of the quotes that silently sowed a seed for something very deep and
powerful. Only mystics can come up with things like this - utterly
simple, supremely powerful - this one is from Lao Tzu.

A quote / reminder we need to go back to whenever we feel we are doing
something insignificant. Either change the task or do it in a way that
makes it significant!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The human mind works through associations of past data. Consider this:

Ramesh and Raja are brothers. They are travelling in a car when they go to an area that is blaring a film song. Raja realizes that the hero in the song would be wearing a yellow shirt (if you're thinking Ramarajan, your association is quite good as well!). He asks Ramesh:

"Is Raji aunty's husband fine? He was ill for some time."

Ramesh is taken aback because the question was out of context.

The association: Film song with Ramarajan -> Ramarajan was wearing a yellow shirt -> Raji aunty's husband had a yellow car -> Her husband was ill recently

These associations can get really outlandish. Physiologically, I think it depends on how rapidly and broadly the neurons in the brains fire and connect with each other on stimulus input. Recently, I was listening to a film song. After the song completed, another song from the same movie started playing in my head. This was the sequence in which the movie's songs were on tape nearly 15 years ago. The more intricate and broad the associations are, the more brilliant the human is in terms of intelligence, I feel. I don't think we can "do" these associations, but we can help the brain create them.

The solution? Reduce situations where we are dull/sleepy/lazy/lethargic/disinterested on a daily basis. The answer is awareness/passion/enthusiasm.

Sorry, these spiritual folks are really tricky people :)

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Biodegradable Plastic

Last weekend, I was in the Isha Shop and I witnessed someone holding a plastic bag that had Isha's logo in it. Isha and plastic? Radha anyway pointed this earlier as well, and that the plastic was "100% biodegradable".

As I anticipated, they have already thought this through. But 100% biodegradable plastic? That was news to me.

Two immediate questions:

1) If it is possible, why haven't all the Walmart's and Big Bazaars and other giants taken to this?
2) Why haven't we heard more on this? Any caveats? I found this Wikipedia citation - but it is very mellowed down. Nothing like a breakthrough.

Anyone with more info can comment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Can we become humble? I guess not.

"I am a humble person" - this is a great assertion of one's ego. Why? Because, that which is responsible for "non humbleness" is what is making the statement. This is almost similar to causing yourself to disappear by wanting to disappear.

In the words of Ramesh Balsekar - "...true humility lies in the lack of doership."

Which means, as we currently are, we are incapable of being humble. Oops! But oh, what a relief! :)

Monday, March 09, 2009


In the grand scheme of things, no one or nothing is useless. We suffer only when we miss this macro perspective. Truly, it is an honor to be here!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Is Spirituality a Science?

You already know the answer don't you? :)

In any case, in his own logical and witty ways, Sadhguru expounds on this topic to a seemingly disinterested audience. He clarifies that "Science and Spirituality" is an oxymoron and instead needs to be termed "Physical and Inner Sciences".

It is funny and wierd - we never respond to questions when asked. Too egoistic or too shy?

If you are in India, you can buy the DVD here.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Depths of Depravity

All kinds of crimes go on in the world. I am not even involved in any kind of research into this. Just as a casual observer (who gets his inputs through "news"), so much hits one on a day to day basis.

As shocking as murders and rapes are, I recently got introduced to an other kind of crime mainly through two movies - "Naan Kadavul" and "Slumdog Millionaire". If you've seen the movies you know what I am talking about.

I have heard about this even as a child. Though not exactly clear how, it was one of my fears then of being caught and maimed for begging. I even wrote a story for my school essay where I (being the adventurous one) get caught into one such gang's trap and esacpe because of my ingenuity - LOL! This later faded off.

When I saw the movies, especially "Naan Kadavul", the level of organization into this crime was shocking. Of all crimes that can possibly be committed against humanity, this might be the worst kind. My first reaction to the directors was "Please tell me all this is only your imagination!". To make matters worse, police is shown as an accomplice to this. I have a lot of respect for Bala, so I presume he wanted to bring things into light - albeit in a fictional setting obviously.

I remember Sadhguru's quote - "If there is no awareness, let there at least be tenderness". On a mass scale, we are a far (^10) cry away from this.

On a side note, I saw something funny - research into the depths of depravity. (Objective scale to measure the depth - PLEASE!).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hearing the wind

Sheetal was talking to her husband Ramesh.

"Children are so amazingly intelligent!", Sheetal mused. She was a school teacher.

"Why do you say?". Ramesh wasn't exactly disagreeing.

"Well, we had a small competition in our class. The theme was to suggest ways to hear the wind."

"Hear the wind - interesting!"

"Yes, we announced three prizes and an additional consolation prize."

"So, you're excited about the ideas children sent in."


"Have you announced the prizes?"


"What was the consolation prize?"

"Anoop brought in a wind chime."

"Nice. And why was that a consolation prize?"

"Well, it was a nice idea, but he just bought a wind chime from the shop. It wasn't exactly innovative."

"What was the third prize?"

"Shanthi took me to the garden where the wind was blowing. She folded a news paper, faced my ear to the direction the wind was blowing and placed the folded news paper over my ear. Of course, I heard the wind loud and clear."

Ramesh smiled brightly. "The second prize?"

"Karthik came close to my ear and blew air into my ear!"

Ramesh laughed. "Cute! Certainly better than Shanthi. So, I am curious; what was the first prize?"

Sheetal steadied herself and said - "Anita came over to me and handed a chit to me."

"A chit?"

"Yes, she wrote 'Just close your eyes and listen'"

Ramesh was stunned. "Indeed! Just close your eyes and listen! So what was the first prize?"

Sheetal smiled sheepishly.

"A wind chime!"

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ugly but true

Almost everyone has an ugly side and a loving side. And almost everyone reserves their ugly side for those who love them.
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