Friday, November 17, 2006

The Psychology of Seriousness

I have heard many Masters say that the Spiritual path is fundamentally non-serious. In fact, Osho said "Seriousness is a sickness".

What is seriousness and why does it arise?

On the surface, serious people appear to be focussed people. The seriousness comes because they ARE focussed, but the are focussed not on the present moment, but over a goal they would like to achieve. The goal becomes so important that they are closed to all but few possibilities in front of them. When this happens seriousness is inevitable. A playful person is open to all possibilities in front. (S)He views all actions as ultimately purposeless. When I first came across this statement, that Life is fundamentally purposeless, and in a very consistent fashion by several Masters, it threw me into a shock. But looking at all Life, except humans, it is clear that it is true. The waves playing on the shore or the squirrel on the tree or the lashing rain - all are playful because they are purposeless. Once purpose is lost, the only focus becomes the present moment, not a future moment.

The day one becomes naturally playful about seriousness, that day becomes the beginning of an eternal blessing.

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