Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dilemma of a seeker

Dilemma of a seeker

The pull is visible,
But it is from two sides

The one from within my head,
And one from without my head

"Let go and come to Me",
Says the Master

"Let go and come to me",
Says a voice in my head

By an invisible, seemingly thin thread,
Hangs my hope, courage and liberation

The thread does not snap,
However daunting my fear

I know the result of the journey,
When I reach is what I choose

In one swift moment,
I would shed all that is an illusion

I pray to my Master,
"Help me let go of all that is me"

These poems were written on 20th Aug 2004, a period immediately following Bhava Spandana. This program was very transformational for me. In addition, as I was listening to “Eternal Echoes” during a car drive, I started crying for two of the poems. All of these together formed the inspiration for these poems.

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