Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dilemma of a Master

Dilemma of a Master

As I see these wonderful souls,
Undertake a journey from here to Here,
I cannot but help,
To smile at the game

So near and yet so far,
I know the ploy,
So do some of these souls,
The courage to jump - that is all it takes

I walked this path once,
I know what it takes,
To shed all that it is you,
And become what is You

Keep traveling my wonderful souls,
One moment is all it takes in the end
I hold out my hand in compassion,
In the hope you'll sit by me soon

These poems were written on 20th Aug 2004, a period immediately following Bhava Spandana. This program was very transformational for me. In addition, as I was listening to “Eternal Echoes” during a car drive, I started crying for two of the poems. All of these together formed the inspiration for these poems.

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