Thursday, December 30, 2004

Purpose or no Purpose

to breathe through the winds
and to fly like the birds
to kiss the floating cloud
and to wave to the swinging trees

fling away to the left and
fling away to the right
cast doubts away and get to flight
what goes out is what comes in

buttons and wires are but part of it
and so are emotions and feelings
energy gushes out of my left hand
that would have the amazon thinking

reeling thoughts or the bursting heart
steely nerves or the bending grass
thundering typhoon or the silent center
seismic waves or the bottomless abyss

purpose or no purpose
the question is trivial
in the context of everything,
the alpha is but the omega


the days trickle to months
and the months to years

just this one time, i tell myself
and go to sleep

why not the other way round
i ask myself, half asleep

with the despair, the inspiration
the joy and sorrow

the jealousy and compassion,
the fear and courage

i see the entire spectrum
as it flashes by my eyes

waking up is easy, it seems
in theory it is so - try living it

for god's sake, tell her what you want
better yet, tell her how it's going to be

things are always looming,
shape the pot with your creative hand

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Confidence, Lack of Confidence and Over Confidence

Confidence, Lack of Confidence and Over Confidence are rooted in the difference of a single quality – that of awareness. Lack of Confidence and Over Confidence are both representation of lack of awareness, at each extreme. Lack of Confidence is rooted in fear. Over confidence is rooted in the ego. Lack of Confidence arises out of a fear of consequence – which could be anything – something as simple as being teased at, to as intense as death itself. Over confidence, the other extreme, arises out of performing something so often and, eventually, so well that it boosts the ego. Over-confident people are bullies (gross or subtle) and find their strength in so many dimensions – like physical strength, intellectual capacity, musical talent and so on. Their targets are people with Lack of Confidence. They are extremes representing a lot of popular keywords – inferiority-complex and superiority complex, the bully and the weakling, the intellectual and the idiot. Confident people on the other hand are people who are centered. They are people who know that they can respond to any challenge they come into contact with. They are people who trust their inner-intelligence. When this trust becomes immense, deep and total, Confident people become Masters. They are comfortable being rooted in uncertainty, which a lot of us would choose not to be. Most of us oscillate between both extremes (of being fearful or being over-confident), occasionally dropping to the center. Fearful people end up not-choosing anything of the unknown. Over-confident people make the choice of repeating anything new so often that it becomes a known dimension, that they eventually are “experts” at. Confident people choose to encounter anything as-is and make a spontaneous response. As a result, the response will always be fresh and always within context of the current set of events.

The Path of Truth

Master, could you talk about why there is so much stress on Truth when we’re traveling the spiritual path?

This is a very significant question. It also has many dimensions.

In all dimensions, it is simply that Truth aligns with Life and lies don’t.

First, Truth is what is, and lies are something that is not. In Life, everything “is”. The spiritual path is a journey towards merging with life, so only Truth will work.

Second, Truth is simple – lies are complex. Truth means – stating what is exactly as it is without exaggerations or modifications. Lies mean that you will have to remember what you said to each person so you can be consistent with your lies. You will also keep adding lies over lies to cover up the first lie. Life is absolutely simple – in total harmony with Truth.

Third – you are one with the Creator. The Ego is the device that you created for yourself to give yourself the illusion of separation, to experience this. The Ego is thus the greatest lie. Shedding the Ego is what the spiritual journey is all about – with is the absolute Truth.

Which is why, staying with the Truth – in all dimensions will lead to enlightenment.

Master, you say that Life is simple – but it doesn’t appear that way. Life looks very complex. For example, you have spoken about how complex the human body is – but you also say Life is simple…

Life looks very complex precisely because it is so absolutely simple. You look at it with your mind and try to make sense out of it – so it looks complex. A waterfall effortlessly falling down, or a bird on the wing – does it look complex or simple? Try taking human beings out of consideration – you will see that Life is simple and beautiful.

You must take what I say in context to understand it fully. The human body is complex – so complex that Science has not understood it fully. But simplicity is at the heart of everything Life tries to do. You must remember that the human body has evolved for millions of years – from a single cell called the Amoeba to what it is now. If I give you the task of painting the Great Wall of China, and gave you a million years to do it – you would probably finish painting it fully, and add nuances to all of your artwork. Now somebody looking at the wall will say “My God – the artwork is so complex….” – and all over the wall across the entire stretch! The human body is a building block that evolved step by step all this time changing in tune with time.

So your question brings out another significant aspect – the outward manifestation of Life can be very complex – but there is simplicity at its very core. How many times have you rejected or discarded a task because it was simple? Now, the next time, remember – you are discarding Life when you make such a decision. Also remember – this task can be the building block for something so amazing and complex. An electron spinning around a nucleus – how simple is it? Just alter the combinations… everything you see as the physical universe are these combinations as building blocks… In every single thing that you do, you can use Life as a role model.

Now, I have read some articles where people talk about conquering Nature, or human’s intelligence overpowering Nature’s capacity. This is absolutely stupid and arrogant. Where do you think your intelligence comes from? You take the source for granted so much that you talk about humans versus Nature. This arrogance is going to be the spell of doom for humans unless we realize that we are interwoven finely, delicately and inseparably with Nature.

So stay with Truth all the time – it will take you home.

Is it that simple Master?

It is that simple. But we have made it very difficult for ourselves. Our society functions on lies. Every one wears a mask – where the mask shows something and the person inside is something else. We know this is happening, when this is happening – so much so that we notice it and we are not surprised by it. Instead, the person who is truthful is neglected and ignored.

We have great investment with our lies.

A man’s boss was going to come to his house for an informal dinner – the man expected that the boss would be announcing his promotion after the dinner.

“I have to sit through one hour with this idiot to get my promotion announcement” the man told his wife.

Later, after the dinner, the boss told the man about his promotion.

“Daddy, you managed to sit through an entire hour with this idiot and got your promotion” told his little girl.

The way you live, it is difficult to change overnight. So start with simple steps, just like Life! Change one block by one block and make it align with Life. This inward change will bring about several outward changes, which you must accept with courage. You can be mocked, ridiculed, or even neglected. You must remember – your inner truth is what matters. If you attain mastery, you may even be murdered – it is no coincidence that all great Masters were crucified all across time. When you choose to live in darkness, a person with light is a real danger!

And the strangest thing – you always know when someone is speaking the Truth. See if you are becoming afraid in is presence – you can be sure that there is Truth in the vicinity. That is the magic with Truth – it has the capacity to burn all that is false. In any battle between Truth and lies, Truth will always win – not because Truth is stronger, or it is clever or because it is morally correct – but because, fundamentally, Truth aligns with Life and lies do not.

Master, if Truth can lead me home, why do I need Awareness?

Always remember, any thing that aligns with Life will not contradict another aspect that aligns with Life.

Awareness and Truth are complimentary. If Truth is “what is”, awareness makes you aware of “what is” (smiles).

In fact, I would say, forget about Truth. Stay aware all the time – and accept what is – and what you see, this alone would melt away all that you are not and lead you to who You are. This was what J Krishnamurti kept saying all his life. “Stay Aware” – keep up with being aware all the time, till you reach the point where you are aware without effort – being aware becomes your very nature. Then you are in tune with Truth – or “what is”. This was one mantra he used to offer to anyone with a problem. He used to listen to the problem and say “look at the problem clearly”. Some one asked him about fear. He would say “look at fear in totality”. If you are a hypocrite within, just look at the aspect – when you are going to do a double-game deal, you cannot do it with Awareness. Give it a try! Have you noticed? When you lie, you will never be able to look at a person in the eye. The Awareness will pierce right through the lie. Where awareness exists, only Truth can co-exist with it.

(A very big disclaimer – These responses were not provided by Osho. This write-up is my tribute to Osho. The questions were asked by the seeker within me and the responses were provided by the Osho within me. I changed the way my normal response would be to the way an Osho response would be. In a way it is mimicking, but my intention was not to pretend. There is still a dilemma as to whether I must use his name above, for he might have given a different response to the same question. But in one of his talks Osho mentioned about instances where disciples used their Master’s name in whatever they wrote just to show their respect to the Master. I am not going to do it all the time – but I wanted to make this article an offering to Him – for my spiritual journey started because of Osho.)


Challenge - What exactly is challenge – is it good, do you need challenge and how does it serve humans?

In the highest sense (the universal sense), no one needs any challenge – the existence is naturally intense and total, and the energies are involved in lively play all the time. When you have time, look at ducks playing in the water, a rain fall, a gushing water fall or a squirrel on the tree – you will notice that none of these elements withhold any of their energy during these activities. The activities are total and lively.

However, when it comes to woman, life has given her the freedom to choose otherwise. So man has the freedom to not be total in any activity she chooses. The entire device was created to for humans to experience the beauty of totality and intensity.

Based on how most of us have conditioned ourselves to laziness and lethargy, we need challenge in our lives. A challenge is only a pointer to a higher dimension so that we can involve ourselves totally in what we are doing right now. If you are a musician, you might challenge yourself into a score you have never attempted before. If you are a programmer, you might challenge yourself into writing a tricky tool that has been eluding you all along. You will benefit from challenge so long as you realize that it is only a device to immerse yourself in the present moment totally.

Bruce Lee says “It is like a finger pointing to the moon”. Do not become obsessed with the moon, but give yourself to the journey. The moon is just a device to inspire you into the journey.

You have fallen into a trap if you become obsessed with the end-result the challenge promises. Use challenge as a context to give yourself totally to the present moment. If you can be naturally spontaneous and intense without having to challenge yourself, challenge is redundant for you.

Dilemma of a Master

Dilemma of a Master

As I see these wonderful souls,
Undertake a journey from here to Here,
I cannot but help,
To smile at the game

So near and yet so far,
I know the ploy,
So do some of these souls,
The courage to jump - that is all it takes

I walked this path once,
I know what it takes,
To shed all that it is you,
And become what is You

Keep traveling my wonderful souls,
One moment is all it takes in the end
I hold out my hand in compassion,
In the hope you'll sit by me soon

These poems were written on 20th Aug 2004, a period immediately following Bhava Spandana. This program was very transformational for me. In addition, as I was listening to “Eternal Echoes” during a car drive, I started crying for two of the poems. All of these together formed the inspiration for these poems.

Dilemma of a seeker

Dilemma of a seeker

The pull is visible,
But it is from two sides

The one from within my head,
And one from without my head

"Let go and come to Me",
Says the Master

"Let go and come to me",
Says a voice in my head

By an invisible, seemingly thin thread,
Hangs my hope, courage and liberation

The thread does not snap,
However daunting my fear

I know the result of the journey,
When I reach is what I choose

In one swift moment,
I would shed all that is an illusion

I pray to my Master,
"Help me let go of all that is me"

These poems were written on 20th Aug 2004, a period immediately following Bhava Spandana. This program was very transformational for me. In addition, as I was listening to “Eternal Echoes” during a car drive, I started crying for two of the poems. All of these together formed the inspiration for these poems.


Fear is a very complex phenomenon.

What is fear?

What exactly is fear and what makes it tick? Fear is negative energy. The word ‘negative’ is not used here as a synonym for ‘bad’. Fear is associated with an event or a state you do not wish to happen. So this negative energy can be taken to mean energy that shrinks. The more desperate or fervent your desire for the state to which do not you wish to go, the deeper the fear is. Over time, fear can become conditioned and can become an automatic response to many events even when you do not perceive this event or state to happen. Typically, fear is associated with childhood conditioning. Parents intuitively use the device of fear to teach their child to obey them.

How does fear affect you?

Fear works by shrinking your energy to minimize the changes of moving to the undesired state. Let us look at a few examples:

1. You are in a meeting. The meeting attendees look very knowledgeable. You are afraid of looking stupid in front of them. So you don’t talk.
2. You are in an open house. A seminar on a new topic just completed. The seminar speaker invites questions. For fear of asking a stupid question, you do not speak out even if you had a genuine question.
3. You have been brought up in a family that conditioned you through fear. You are afraid to talk to your father in a casual manner. You tend to agree with him even when you really disagree with him. This is an example of conditioned fear, where, even if the outer circumstances do not lead you to an undesired state, the conditioning is too deep and powerful to change your outer response in a way you choose.
4. You are walking alone in the night – a well built man with a weapon asks you for all your money. For fear of being hurt or for fear of death, you give him all your money without question.

Even though fear looks like a mind-only phenomenon, it affects the body as well. If you have had a deep experience of fear, you would have noticed that your body started trembling during those moments. This is due to the interaction between your psychology and physiology. Whenever energy shrinks, it becomes cold. This is why your body becomes cold when you are afraid. Your body vibrates (or trembles) to generate warmth to compensate for this, which is why you experience trembling during deep fear.

How deep can fear be?

The depth of fear is determined by how fervent you are against moving to the undesirable state. Going by this account, the deepest, fundamental and instinctive fear must be fear of death to most people. If we peel the layers of the millions of fears we have accumulated within ourselves and go back to our first fear (which was almost certainly, picked up during childhood), it is my feeling that it would be the fear of death. So we can say that all our fears are rooted in a primal fear – the fear of death. I do not know if we would experience fear if we are not afraid of death. I personally haven’t experienced this possibility. It is no coincidence that fear of death is used as the device by many religions and governments to control people in subtle and gross ways. Parents use this device to control children (but this is not gross as in ‘I will kill you if you don’t listen to me’, but more subtle as in, ‘I will never talk to you if you listen to me’ or ‘The devil will take you if you don’t eat your food tonight’ or using physical harassment. Looking at it a little deeply will tell us that these are various ways to use the instinctive fear of death to manipulate the child). to control children.

Can we transcend fear?

Logic would say that, since fear is the result of energy shrinking to avoid particular outcome, being open to all possible outcomes, death included, would eliminate fear totally. But this is like saying, ‘Become a millionaire tomorrow’ or ‘Become enlightened now’. If it were such an easy phenomenon, no one would be choosing to hold on to their fears.

I personally haven’t had the experience of transcending fear. I am afraid of several things in my life. But I have had the experience of witnessing demonstrations of absolute fearlessness many times. These are circumstances in which my body mind system would have simply shut down. So I feel (I am actually quite sure) that it is possible to transcend fear.

How can we transcend fear?

Transcending fear completely involves a spiritual path. It involves realizing that we are not separate from one another and that we are connected deeply with life. This would help us realize that death is a fiction, and thus free us from fear.

If you choose to transcend fear completely, it is time to begin your spiritual journey. Choose any path that appeals to you and begin walking the path. You will know that the path is right if it is life-affirmative.

Another way of looking at fear

Since fear is energy shrinking itself, it is totally opposite to life. Life is energy flowing in abundance, which is in direct contrast to fear. So fear cannot root itself whenever your attitude is life affirmative. Fear and Life are like Darkness and Light. Fear cannot exist when your activity is done with zest, enthusiasm and totality.

Fear is like a door that you shut to avoid experiencing an undesirable state. Unfortunately, the door that shuts down for the enemy also shuts down for the friend. Fear is the blanket that covers your experience or Life. The deeper and intense your fear, the thicker the blanket is.

What exactly is fear telling you?

Another thing you might have noticed: You are afraid of something only when it is new. For example, remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? How afraid were you? But after a month or so, once you got accustomed to the techniques, you were no longer afraid.

Fear is an excellent tool to remind you that life is bringing something new – again!!

Consider this – if you enjoy roller coasters, how did you feel when you first rode on it? Even though you had never done this before, you got in with a lot of excitement. Or how about that last vacation you took to a picturesque place you never had visited before. Even though these events were new, you weren’t afraid because there was nothing undesirable you were expecting out of these events. In fact, on the contrary, you were looking forward to the adventure these events were to bring you, so you most certainly came out of these experiences refreshed and rejuvenated.

So remember: Excitement and fear are the same energy. You create the experience you choose to experience based on your preferences and conditioning. Potentially, any experience can be an exciting adventure from which you can come out enriched and rejuvenated, or be a ‘forgettable moment of your life’ from which you came out disillusioned and unhappy.

Knowing how the mechanism empowers you to make the choice consciously instead of being a victim.

What can you do from your current state?

1. The simplest and the recommended way is to look forward for any event with excitement. To use it as an opportunity to see what life is bringing you. If you can begin to see life this way, over the course of time, you would have unconditioned yourself from fear and live with a great deal of joy and happiness.
2. Sometimes, it is not possible to be excited about some event which you know has a good probability of happening and which you do not desire. Say you are attending a meeting in which you are your Company’s ambassador. Any mistake you make would be reflected upon your Company as well. There is too much at stake. Even under such conditions, there is not much choice but to remain open to the possibility. Think about it, if you can control those events, you would do them anyway. Since you cannot, it is wise to give your very best to what the moment has to offer and remain open to the possibility of all outcomes. If fear wells up in your being, acknowledge and accept the fear. Do not try to push it away or suppress it by putting on a brave face. Suppression is a paradoxical state. If you think about it, fear wells up in you from your own energy. When you suppress fear, you use your own energy to suppress your own energy – in other words, you are literally dissipating your energy by fighting with yourself. Accepting fear is a great way of converting fear energy into potential again, so that it is available for what you are really doing at that moment. It works great for small and moderate fears, but it is difficult with big fears (like that big presentation you need to make before a group of hundred people or walking up to that pretty girl/boy to ask her/him out). This is because your body is also actively involved in demonstrating your fear when it is big (trembling hand, body becoming cold). But even for big fears, the first step is to acknowledge and accept the fear. The next step is to stay relaxed so that the effect the fear has on your body is minimal. You would have to move through this experience many times before you can get the knack of this. But once you know how this works, you will notice that what was once fear is now joy. The deeper your fear was, the more profound your joy is. But do remember to stay alert throughout the event you experience fear. It is easy to forget and revert back to fear because our conditioning with fear is long and deep.
3. Conditioned Fears – There are many fears where the event is not new, but you have been conditioned to these kinds of fears for a long long time, that fear is now an automatic response. If you were afraid of your father since you were a child, you would notice that you will not be comfortable just being in his presence, even though he might not realize this (or for that matter, you might not realize this). Acknowledging and accepting the fear is always the first step. But conditioned fears are very complex, and I am a victim of some of these fears. I personally do not know the best way to become free of these fears completely. I have read that hypnotism helps a lot. But whatever the method is, it can work only if it delves deep into your unconsciousness and brings to light what is nagging you deep within. Layers and layers of unconscious experiences have piled within, which now produce the reaction over which you have almost no control. Meditation is one of very powerful ways that help you see your unconscious with awareness. Follow any process which appeals to you most. But be patient and trust that it would work. I am sure that it would work, and hope that the path in which I am traveling would eventually lead to light, love, fearlessness and joy.

What can you do to others who are in a state of fear?

If you’ve been through a lot of fearful experiences, you know easily when some one else is afraid. Even otherwise, we are beings who have an intuitive sensitivity to fear. You can make out when others are afraid just by the way they talk , their body posture and behavior.

If you have suffered badly because of fear (everyone suffers because of fear if fear is not accepted and acknowledged – the fearful state is a state of suffering), the best gift you can give some one is to bring them out of this experience of fear. If that is not possible, please do not take advantage of their fear and cause them to experience the fear more deeply. When we see a fearful person, most of the times, we can also make out why they are afraid. Seeing some one afraid gives us the sense of being powerful people as we appear stronger than them (at least, in the context of that moment, it IS true), for we can exploit their fear and make them feel smaller. This is what we tend to do instinctively (I remember an incident that happened some years back. It was a festival, and we had some crackers to burst. I noticed that my dog was afraid of crackers – it was literally trembling with fear. I picked up a cracker and burst it a few feet away from the dog, making sure it was experiencing the fact that the cracker was going to burst. I also delayed this event many times before I burst the cracker finally so that I could enjoy this experience longer. At that time it just looked like a harmless prank. But as I look back now, I can understand EXACTLY how he was feeling.). If you have been through a deeply fearful experience, you know what it feels like, and compassion is the best gift you can give someone in that state.

There is a beautiful scene from the movie “POWDER” – Powder is a gifted boy with heightened powers of sensitivity, compassion and intuition. One day in a forest, he sees that a doe is shot down by a hunter. The hunter tells his mates that shooting the deer in the chest minimizes suffering, and was very proud of his shot. Powder, using his gift, shows the hunter, what exactly the deer was moving through at that time. The hunter is shocked and overwhelmed with the experience he was moving through (he was experiencing the deer’s state as his). The hunter’s mates think that Powder was giving the hunter a seizure and try to threaten him away. Two scenes later, the hunter is talking to his friend. (His friend has come to ask him why he had withdrawn from the hunting competition he wins every year). The hunter, with tears welling up his eyes and his voice shaking, tells his friend that, ever since Powder gave him the experience of the dying deer, he has never been able to look down the barrel of the gun without thinking the effect it would have.

When you some one in deep fear, try to place yourself in her shoes. You can do it, as all of us have moved through fear one time or the other. If possible, bring her out of the fear. If not, be compassionate and understanding.

In closing

Having said all this, I would like to conclude by saying that fear is a great gift Life has provided us. This may look like a paradox considering all that I’ve said before. The reason – in the absence of fear, we would have no choice with which we would live life. We would be fearless without choice. The presence of fear gives us the choice of choosing life over fear, which allows us to experience life in its grandeur. So judge fear not, for it exists as a tool to choose and experience life, love and joy. It is precisely for this reason that J.Krishnamurti calls Fear an “extraordinary jewel”.
Note: In his book, Conversations with God, Neale (or God, rather) explains the phenomenon of experience very beautifully.

Paul and Jane

Paul and Jane

Paul is working on his laptop in his bedroom. Jane just walks in, getting ready to leave somewhere.

“Paul, do you know where my cell phone is?”


“Paul, it’s kind of getting late – you remember looking at it somewhere?”


“Paul, do you mind stopping what you’re doing and look at me for a sec?”

“Yes sweetie” (and looks up)

“Could you look for my cell phone with me for a while?”

“Sorry sweetie. I am kind of into this code – it’ll break my thought process.”

Jane gets upset and leaves. That night just before bed –

“Paul, do you know – in today’s party there were a lot of pretty guys, and I was flirting with a few of them.”


“What do you mean OK? You’re OK with what I just said?”


“It bothered you the last time?”

“That was three months ago.”

“So you’re OK now?”

“It really doesn’t matter. You’re a free person; you should be able to do what you want.”

“What if I have sex with a guy? Would it matter then?”

“You’re a free person; you…”

“I wish I had a recorder now. Just hold that thought.”

Jane goes to bed angrily. About two months later…

“Paul, I had sex with a guy yesterday. Don’t worry – it’s not an affair, only a one-night-stand. Considering that you are OK with it, do we need to discuss further?”

“No sweetie. Thanks for letting me know.”

Come on Paul. Are you telling me that you’re really not hurt by this?”

“I am hurt.”

“So you’re not going to fight with me?”

“You’re a free…”

“Cut the crap Paul. Nowadays I feel like I don’t even know you.”

“That doesn’t surprise me – because I am getting to know myself for the first time.”

“That’s it Paul – I want a divorce.”

“OK sweetie.”

“This is not a joke or a threat – I really want a divorce from you.”

“Can I kiss your lips sweetie?”

No. And don’t call me sweetie. I am Jane. What about the divorce?”

“You can have the divorce Jane.”

Paul and Jane get divorced in three months. Paul loses $200,000 in cash and one of his cars because of the divorce. Three months after the divorce, Paul gets a call.

“Paul here.”

“Paul, this is Jane” (Jane’s voice is heavy and sad)

“Hi Jane, how are you?”

“Not good Paul. Ever since we got divorced, I’ve been dating a couple of guys, and it’s all been a mess. I am feeling very guilty with the way I treated you before and during the divorce.”

“Don’t worry Jane. I am not angry with you.”

(Jane’s voice is on the verge of tears…)

“I am so sorry Paul. Would you tell me you forgive me?”

“I would, but there is nothing to forgive you for.”

“Do you still love me Paul?”

“Yes Jane.”

“Can we get back together again?”


“You said you loved me…”

“Yes. But during the last phase of our relationship, it was only an ego-trip. When we start focusing on hurting each other instead of being together, happiness has disappeared from the relationship.”

(Jane starts crying…)

“Jane – I am only telling you why. This was not to hurt you.”

“Can I… be your friend at least… now… the thought of losing you is killing me… I am so sorry Paul.”

(Paul laughs loudly)

“Jane, you are my friend.”

(Jane breaks down crying)

“Jane, why don’t you come over here – I’ll make you some butter milk pancakes and hot coffee.”

At Paul’s place, a while later – in the dining room, with butter milk pancakes and coffee.

“Paul, is there any chance – not now, may be in the future… that we can.. umm… get back together?”

“We don’t have to think about that now Jane. Just remember you have me whenever you need me. You never know, we may fall in love like new lovers all over again…”

“Paul, you said you were hurt when I slept with that guy. How come – with all this maturity you’re showing now…”

“It’s a transitory phase Jane. I would like to get to that place sometime.”

“So when you said I was a free person, you really meant it?”


“You weren’t trying to provoke or hurt me?”

“No, though I could see that it was happening to you.”

“I am an idiot Paul. My mistake cost me dearly…”

“No Jane. We all make mistakes.”

“What if the mistake is irrevocable?”

“Jane, I am not saying this to console you. This is something important which you must know – Life allows you to make a million mistakes, and then one more to top it – you’re never banished to eternal hell. Only, each mistake slows you down on your growth. Just keep learning.”

“What is it that you’re trying to be Paul? It annoyed me so much before our divorce – now, with everything behind me, I think it’s amazing.”

“It’s unconditional love Jane.”

“Doesn’t it come at a great cost? It cost you 200K and your marriage.”

“It got me a new friend, who’s very pretty – I think it’s worth the cost Jane” (Paul smiles…)

(Jane doesn’t cry now, but tears start flowing down her cheeks. Paul touches her face with the palm of his hand)

“Can I kiss your lips Paul?”

“Yes Jane.”

“Please call me sweetie, Paul.”

And they kiss.


What is inspiration? If you look at it deeply, inspiration is a reminder to live again. You might not exactly describe it this way, as inspiration is received in context – like inspiration to paint, inspiration to spend more time with work, inspiration to lose weight. Go one level deeper; you will notice that it is always connected with the desire to live. Once you understand this, you can be a source of inspiration to yourself. Whenever you notice that your existence is growing stale or losing its fragrance, you can dive deep into yourself and come back rejuvenated. This is exactly what meditation does. Now you can channel this energy in whichever direction you choose. In many cases, you might have received inspiration in several forms – like the melody of the song you last heard, an orchestra in full flow, a squirrel on the tree, the discourse of a master, verses from a book you last read, a pleasant walk you just took, the last meal you had, the display of a martial artist, spending time with a friend, playing with a child and so on. In all cases, remember to be grateful to life for sending another reminder to live again, and remember that you can do this to yourself whenever you choose, and that you might be inviting some stranger to life again without being aware of it yourself.

Process and Intelligence

Process is not intelligence. Process is an outcome of intelligence. Based on the current inputs and context, intelligence can create the process spontaneously. If you can be aware, there is no necessity for a process. This state of awareness is what Master’s call “in-the-moment” living. When the combinations of an event are accounted for and the plan of action is documented, we have a process in place. But the intelligent person does not need this. She can just generate the process for fun and not abide by it. In the deepest sense, following a process is unintelligent living, even if the process was born out of intelligence.
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